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Aluminum Shingles

You deserve a home that's beautiful and maintenance free. Make your next roof your last roof with our lifetime warranty.

Beautiful shingles that last a lifetime.

Our aluminum shingles are the perfect material for your roof. They are lightweight, energy-efficient, won't rust, and made from 95% recycled material. They are available in a wide range of colors with a no-fade warranty.

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Highest quality performance finish

PermaLock aluminum shingles feature Fluoroceram®, a Premium Kynar 500® coating system containing a minimum of 70% Kynar 500® Resin. Only select manufacturers are certified to apply the special coating, created by the engineers at Morton International.

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Interlocking Support

Our shingles interlock on all four sides for added strength and weather resistance and allow you to walk on them without damage. They effectively create an exo-skeleton for your home.

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Lifetime Warranty

Our metal roofing system comes with a Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty as well as a Lifetime Worksmanship Warranty from us. It is a true non-prorated, 50-year transferable, lifetime warranty. We challenge you to find a more comprehensive warranty.

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As first time homeowners, we were navigating the roof replacement process for the first time, and ECMR made it easy every step of the way! We would recommend ECMR to anyone in the market for a new roof.

What customers near you are saying:

The roofers were amazing and very dedicated and thoughtful. Honestly we were in awe of their work.

Overall the experience was incredible and we will always recommend the company to everyone. We now have an incredible roof that I won’t have to worry about for a lifetime.

We've had the roof on for about a year now and REGRET NOTHING, so far worth every penny. Huge relief and weight lifted off the shoulders of our home.

Learn why so many East Coast Metal Roofing customers love their roof.

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Reduce heating and cooling bills

Our metal roofing system is extremely energy efficient. Our aluminum shingles help keep heat out of your home in the summer and heat inside your house in the winter. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, "it can save your home up to 40% in energy costs."

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Tough against the elements

Our metal roofing system is a smart choice for your home. Warrantied to endure winds of up to 165 MPH, with its high Class IV Hail Rating (able to withstand hail the size of golf balls), and fire-resistant aluminum material that won't burn - you can rest easy knowing it will protect your home and last a lifetime.

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Proudly Made in The USA

Our metal roofing systems are all proudly manufactured in the United States. This will never change.

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Aluminum is maintenance free

Our metal roofing is the perfect choice to guard your home against the elements. It is truly a no-fuss solution – you'll never have to worry about moss, lichen, rust, or rot. Its unique design helps prevent ice dams and helps ensure that snow slides off on its own.

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Our metal roofing system makes it easy to install solar panels, allowing you to harness the power of the sun. Our team will work with your solar panel provider to ensure a seamless install using our manufacturer-approved brackets. With our lifetime warranty, you will never again have to remove your solar panels to replace your roof.

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Detailed planning leads to incredible results.




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