Solar Compatible

Solar Panels

Our metal roofing system integrates perfectly with solar panels.

Solar Integration Made Easy

Our metal roofing is designed for optimal compatibility with solar panels. We collaborate directly with solar providers, ensuring a smooth installation process. Our system's versatility has been proven in numerous projects with various solar companies, emphasizing our commitment to eco-friendly energy solutions.

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Install Solar Once, Enjoy for a Lifetime

With our durable metal roofing, you won't need to worry about frequent solar panel removal for roof maintenance. Our roofs come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty, offering a permanent foundation for your solar panels. This means once your solar panels are installed, they're set for the long haul, ensuring hassle-free, renewable energy for years.

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Lifetime Warranty, Even Under Solar

Our Lifetime Warranty fully covers your roof, even under solar panels. It's non-prorated and transferable for up to 50 years. Our confidence in our shingles' longevity extends to homes with solar installations, promising enduring protection.

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Drone Videos of Metal Roofing Projects with Solar

They communicated directly with our solar installer and ensured everything would be correct when finished. They even sent a representative back when the solar installer was here to reinstall the panels, just to make sure everything was correct.

What customers near you are saying:

He was also helpful throughout the install process, especially as I was looking to have solar installed over the new roof, and he was willing to work with the solar vendor to install the brackets for me.

The end result is that the roof looks very well, the solar panels are back in place as well as the solar hot water panels - it is now all completed and all is well!

Finally, we really like the way the roof and the improved solar array look.

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