Review from Homeowner:

East Coast Metal Roofing installs Permalock aluminum shingle roofing. What’s important to note is that this is much more than an “aluminum shingle roof”. Permalock is a full aluminum roofing system. The shingles give the roof the look of a traditional roof, but with far-superior materials, design, and longevity. The shingles are locked in on all four sides, including at the drip edges, valleys, etc. There is almost no way that wind could blow these off the roof or wind-blown rain could penetrate it. Because the roof is aluminum, it will shed snow, eliminating the possibility of ice dams and potential interior damage. It’s a very-well designed system and looks great on the roof. Any roof is only as good as the installation, and the East Coast Metal Roofing installers were top notch. They always arrived on-time, or a few minutes early. I was able to be at home during the installation and was truly impressed with the meticulous work of the installers. “Doing it right” was always more important than doing it fast. This care and precision paid off and the installed roof looks absolutely stunning. The final piece was that every member of the installation crew was polite and courteous. It was a pleasure having them work on the house, and they didn’t consider the job finished until we were absolutely satisfied. Finally, the sales and installation coordination process was handled very professionally. Paul from East Coast Metal Roofing was very thorough in estimating and quoting and also very straight-forward. All the details and costs were completely transparent. A high-quality aluminum roof like Permalock will cost you more money than an asphalt shingle roof, however, you get a far-superior product that’s actually a better value. A well-installed aluminum shingle roof will easily outlast two or three asphalt shingle installations. Paul has the background and knowledge to thoroughly explain the differences, and advantages, of an aluminum shingle roof. From beginning to end of the process, Paul’s thoroughness meant no surprises in terms of costs, installation, etc. When making a long-term investment like an aluminum shingle roof, this is important, and was much appreciated. In summary, East Coast Metal Roofing earned the 5-star rating, and I highly recommend them.
— Gary O. in Tyngsboro, MA

After installation:

Before installation: